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Recommended environment
Web browsers

The following web browsers are recommended for viewing the Nissha Foundation for Printing Culture and Technology website (hereinafter “the Site”).
Using a non- recommended browser, or a recommended browser but with particular settings, may make the Site display improperly.

  • PC
  • ・Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • ・The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Smartphone
  • ・iPhone
    iOS 9.0 or later (Safari)
  • ・Android OS
    Android 4.2 or later (standard browser)

Some pages on the Site use the following plug-in, required for viewing the content (images and text).
Please install the plug-in if you haven’t already.

・Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader Version 10 or later)
Required for viewing, printing and performing other operations on documents in PDF format.

Use of script (JavaScript)

The Site uses JavaScript for the convenience of the users. If JavaScript is disabled, content (images and text) may not appear as expected and pages may not display.
Please activate JavaScript when viewing the Site.

Questions about the Site

Please contact us via the Questions page with any questions or problems regarding the Site.