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What is AMeeT?

AMeeT is a web magazine of the NISSHA FOUNDATION and is published every other month, focusing on the concepts like “art meets technology .”


Art Meets Technology

The history of art and cultural property has been aligned with that of technology from both the viewpoint of the creators of such works and that of the users and curators who appreciate and study those works.
Even today, new material and media are reconfiguring how things are expressed and appreciated, even in areas like painting and architecture, which at a glance may seem traditional and conservative. On top of that, there is media art that makes all-out use of advanced technologies.
AMeeT examines art and cultural property from the perspective of such technology and disseminates information highlighting the creativity, excellence and innovation that such perspectives reveal.
AMeeT also reports on advanced technologies that enable interaction with art and cultural property as well as various technologies outside the current boundaries of art that can expand our scope of expression and appreciation.

Kyoto, where we are based, is famous as an ancient capital of Japan and is a city that continues to disseminate culture and art.
In modern-day Kyoto, technologies and styles nurtured throughout the city’s history continue to be passed down; there are various art-focused colleges here and numerous contemporary artists.
AMeeT closely watches trends in art and culture and reports on the ambitious and creative efforts taking place there.