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PATinKyoto Print Art Triennale in Kyoto



As is widely known, Japanese prints have a brilliant tradition and have had great influence internationally. In recent years, we have seen the momentum of these prints in the course of their further development. Today, electronic images on liquid crystal displays tend to dominate our vision. It can be said that this domination is the very reason why the charm of the original process for creating prints, that is, by printing, is being reexamined and afforded new significance.

Unlike contests in which works are submitted by the public, the Print Art Triennale in Kyoto, which started in 2013, adopts a nomination system operated by multiple commissioners with sharp eyes and a wealth of information. In addition, it offers a space for the display of serial works and installation-like masterpieces, so it is an unprecedented landmark event for print exhibitions.

We trust that you will appreciate and support the Triennale, which aims to bring together and introduce the rich expressiveness of printmaking by young to mid-career artists responsible for some of today’s most vibrant cultural activity, and make what is happening in Kyoto in this sphere known to the rest of the world.